Our People

Our People

Our people

We are a team of kind, friendly and qualified educators who love working with little ones! We’re passionate about early childhood and are honoured to be part of your child’s early growth years. We recognise that each child is an individual and we guide them so they feel confident to grow and learn in their own way and at their own pace. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and supportive centre culture towards every child, regardless of their culture, background or abilities. We want them to leave our centre feeling independent and ready to take on the world!

Meet our Centre Manager

Ashleigh Robinson

Years in childcare: 7 years

Qualifications: Diploma in Children's Services

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? I found my passion for working with children when I commenced my Bachelor of Education, studying my teaching degree. It was here that I found the delight in scaffolding children’s learning and helping them reach milestones through their development, knowing that I contributed to that. Going from a school to childcare environment allowed me to follow through with my philosophy that children required play based learning to transition through their early childhood phase. I believe that in the early years, play is important and can be used as a tool to explore various avenues through development. Being in a management role I still strongly believe that relationships with the children and families are a huge factor in creating a nurturing environment for all and this is why I base myself on the floor for a lot of my day so that I can engage with families and still pursue with my passion for working with children.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? I certainly couldn’t pick only one moment from my time in the industry. Every day brings new memorable moments and laughs for me. The early years are those that the children begin navigating their way through communicating and experimenting with words. Some of those words you certainly don’t expect to come out of such young little bodies and the context that they use their words is sometime worthy of a good chuckle.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? With such a consistent team, everybody has a special role in the centre and this what creates the homely environment that fills the service. All of our staff go above and beyond to deliver amazing opportunities for the children and create environments that cater for play based learning and extension of interest. There is always lots of fun happening at the service whether that’s incursions, excursions or daily programs, there’s never a dull moment at Milestones Early Learning Yanchep!